Slow 3D performance with server-1.3-branch + modesetting (DRM version issue?)

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Fri Mar 2 03:59:00 PST 2007

Frederic Riss wrote:
>> I'm able to extract/package/compile the above stuff from git but I get
>> the following error in my Xorg.0.log:
>> (WW) intel(0): DRM version 1.6 older than required 1.7 for DRM memory
>> manager.  Disabling.
>> Does this refer to the kernel level DRM stuff? If so can someone point
>> me to something that would allow my Friendly Local Kernel Hacker to put
>> it into his kernels (unless it's really obvious - sorry I'm not too
>> clued up on how that bit works!).
>> Would it be responsible for poor GL performance? I've posted my
>> Xorg.0.log here:
>> As a Crap Benchmark(tm) glxgears goes from ~1000 fps to ~300 fps and
>> Compiz/Beryl performance is degraded (slow).
> I've reported something similar here:
> Using the drm kernel modules from git (the 1.7 version that your log
> mentions) doesn't help for me.

Thanks for that. I've added myself to the CC.

Fingers crossed something will happen to fix it.



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