Trimming the fat from the katamari for Xorg 7.3

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu Mar 1 10:13:25 PST 2007

Following up on discussions at XDevConf...

I've made some lists in the wiki of our current module sets:

The first lists the modules included in the 7.0, 7.1 & 7.2
katamaris (I believe 7.2 is right, but made it before the
katamari, and haven't double checked it yet - but it's a wiki,
please correct if it's wrong.)

The second is the list of module descriptions we made during
the modularization project.   (The groupings there are for
educational purposes only and are not meant to represent any
expression of X.Org policy.)

So far, since 7.0 we've made these changes to the set included
in the katamari:

	Added xf86-input-vmmouse
	Added xf86-video-ast

	Added libpthread-stubs
	Added mkcomposecache
	Added xf86-video-impact
	Added xf86-video-wsfb
	Dropped mkcfm
	Dropped lbxproxy & liblbxutil
	Dropped xkbdata [recommend xkb-config instead]
	Dropped xf86-input-aiptek [recommend]

For 7.3, I'd like to nominate these modules for dropping from the

- app/beforelight - MIT-SCREEN-SAVER sample
- app/xdbedizzy - DBE sample
- app/xgc - X graphics demo
- app/xphelloworld - Xprint sample applications
- app/xtrap - XTrap sample clients
- app/xmh - X interface to MH mail tools (Preferred replacement: exmh)

While they may be useful example code and/or test apps, or even
still useful programs, they can serve as excellent examples as
separate tarballs, and don't need to be included in the twice a year

(Remember:  dropping from the katamari doesn't mean we delete them,
  the git trees stay around and new versions can even be built and
  released in the individual release directory - it just means they're
  not included in the set the release manager has to build for every
  release candidate and final release.)

	-Alan Coopersmith-           alan.coopersmith at
	 Sun Microsystems, Inc. - X Window System Engineering

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