Apparent Xorg Display>0 memory allocation problem

Frey Dennis F KPWA dfrey at
Mon Jan 29 10:47:04 PST 2007

Greetings all,

Built up a thin client to display and control multiple remote xdm X-clients
on a locally networked single pc. Using Linux kernel with just
busybox 1.2.2 and Xorg 7.1 (with xkbcomp) as the only executables in the 64
MB ramdisk. First free virtual terminal with no /etc/inittab is vt6 on
busybox so kick off two vts with:

X -query  :1 vt7 &
X -query :0  vt6

Both switch in and out to login screens fine but after login only the client
assigned to display 0 on vt6 draws the entire initial screen. Whichever
client is assigned to a higher display/vt#  gets shortchanged and draws
about 2/3 of the initial screen leaving out especially the top menu
selection line.  From then on both work fine. Running "top" on one of the
text vts shows only 120 Meg of the 1 Gig ram in use with both running. 2%
18Meg of memory is allocated to display 0 and 1.5%  14 Meg to display 1.
Tried a fix with larger numbers in the -ld and -ls command line options but
no change. Also got the same result with both Nvidia and ATI graphics cards.
Any help to force higher buffer size would be appreciated

Dennis Frey

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