X building problems

Pelle Johansson morth at morth.org
Fri Jan 26 00:06:56 PST 2007

26 jan 2007 kl. 01.56 skrev R.L. Horn:

> They should be installed in /opt/xorg/include/xorg.
> What versions of automake/autoconf/libtool are you using?

Turns out it's not building because I'm on OS X. I probably won't  
have any need for the drivers anyway on this OS.
There's an Xcode project file for the XDarwin build, but it's not  
quite working (should be fixable). I usually prefer building in the  
shell though, so maybe I'll look into making some Makefiles.

I downloaded the latest versions of automake (1.9.6), autoconf (2.61)  
and libtool (1.5.22) before I started building. I forgot to mention  
in my last mail that I had problems in xserver/os and xserver/dix as  
well. I had to add
to xserver/dix/Makefile.am and
to xserver/os/Makefile.am or automake would assign default sources of  
dix.c and os.c (which doesn't exist).
Pelle Johansson

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