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kdrive is in the xorg-server. you can disable the other componentes:

--enable-kdrive --disable-dri --disable-xorg --disable-xorgcfg
--disable-xvfb --disable-xephyr

If you want a small-scale Linux I recently added a rescue build-target to the 
T2 System Development Environment (GPL) that can even cross build kdrive X 
and co. This rescue is a LiveCD/USB Stick and just 50 MB in size (kdrive X 
just consumes a tiny fraction of this of course):


On Thursday 25 January 2007 00:56, Alex Stewart wrote:
> Greetings all..
> My apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere.. I've been
> looking and all I can really find are questions with no answers (or answers
> that seem really out of date)..
> I'm looking to build a Linux + X system on a semi-embedded platform (full
> ia32 architecture, but with limited RAM and no disk (running off ramdisk)).
>  I'm therefore looking to build an X server that takes up as little
> memory/disk space as possible.  I don't need anything fancy, but would like
> to be able to run basic (custom) GTK applications against it..
> First of all, does anybody have suggestions on the best way to approach
> this?
> I've found a bunch of references out there to the kdrive/Xserver stuff, but
> all of the documentation out there seems to be rather old (XFree86 days),
> and it's rather unclear what, if anything, has been done in the past couple
> of years with this.  I did see a couple of cryptic comments here and there
> that kdrive had been "integrated" into Xorg 7.1.  Does this mean it is
> possible to build a kdrive-like minimal X server using the Xorg 7.1
> sources?  If so, what's the procedure for doing this?
> Performance is also something of a concern, so I would like to have an
> accelerated (2D) video driver for my i810-based chipset, but everything
> I've seen suggests that there's no kdrive i810 driver available, so I'd
> probably need to make one myself.  For this reason I was also considering
> just using the full Xorg X server but trying to cut out all the extra bits
> I don't need, but what little I've seen makes it sound like this is a huge
> chore.  How hard is it to whittle down the Xorg X server to a minimal
> build, and how would this compare to building a kdrive server and porting a
> video driver to it (both in terms of work and in terms of the size of the
> results)?
> Basically, what's the best way to build a small X server, preferably using
> the current Xorg sources, acceleration, etc?
> Thanks in advance for any help..
> -alex
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