VIA driver cannot work properly in 1280x1024 at 24 mode

Thomas Hellström thomas at
Wed Jan 24 23:43:07 PST 2007

Gregory Smirnov wrote:

>Tested on system with CLE266 chipset. Applications that can draw on whole 
>screen, eg. web browser, cannot be rendered properly. Resulting picture is 
>different, but mostly white areas instead of widgets and window decorations. 
>However widgets will be redrawn properly on mouse over event.  Please note 
>that this is for full screen applications on big resolution and 24bbp. If 
>same application is resized to use approximately 800x600 it is rendered 
>properly. Some times I noticed that area of (lets call it main screen) about 
>1024x768 (aligned top-left) is duplicated on right and bottom sides of whole 
>When I start same system with resolution 1280x1024 at 16bbp - everything 
>renders properly. It looks like some memory management problem in the driver.
>(ver. 0.2.1)
>Kind regards,
There are some memory management problem with the xorg VIA driver
together with EXA. What acceleration architecture are you using?

I intend to update the xorg via driver thoroughly in the not too distant 
Meanwhile you can check out the development trees at either (If you need EXA w render accel,  Accelerated 
mpeg2) (If you don't)


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