Keyboard configuration

Lukas Hejtmanek xhejtman at
Tue Jan 23 15:55:15 PST 2007


does anyone have an idea what could be wrong that my capslock LED stopped to
work in Xorg? Just Capslock LED, capslock itself works OK. Text console is OK.
I'm using latest XKB data and latest Xserver.

My keyboard configuration looks like:
Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier "keyboard0"
    Driver     "kbd"
    Option     "CoreKeyboard"
    Option     "XkbRules"    "base"
    Option     "XkbModel"    "pc104"
    Option     "XkbLayout"   "us,cz(qwerty)"
    Option     "XkbOptions"  "grp:ctrl_shift_toggle,grp:switch,grp_led:scroll"

Lukáš Hejtmánek

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