installing drivers on freebsd 6.2 - HELP!!!

Ryan Daly daly at
Tue Jan 23 09:45:04 PST 2007

Make sure that the top line of the script calls an executable that's
actually present on your system.  For example, a bash (or sh) script
should have


at the top.  If Perl, something like


The install-sh may not have that correctly set for your system.

On 01/23/07 12:35, linux at wrote:
> ok, here's an update - install-sh won't let me execute for some reason
> (install-sh: command not found)...for that matter, i have several
> executable scripts in the extracted directory that will not run.  this
> is getting insanely frustrating...someone help please.
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> Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 22:22:55 -0500
> Subject: installing drivers on freebsd 6.2
> help!  i'm just about ready to give up on freebsd, because i can't
> figure out how to get these drivers installed and i'm getting extremely
> frustrated.
> i have an intel 965 chipset, and have downloaded and extracted the
> following file:
> can someone please give me step by step instructions on how to get these
> drivers installed?  i am stuck at 640x480 resolution, which is way too
> low for me to do anything productive...
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