xrandr fails after suspend/resume

Will Alexander walexander at gmti.gannett.com
Wed Jan 17 14:08:49 PST 2007

I have a laptop equipped w/ an Nvidia GeForce using the proprietary
nvidia driver and am running AIGLX under X 7.1 running in Twinview while
I am docked.

xrandr correctly shows the two TwinView Metamodes I have configured.  
$xrandr  -q
 SZ:    Pixels          Physical       Refresh
*0   3520 x 1200   ( 903mm x 311mm )  *50
 1   1920 x 1200   ( 492mm x 311mm )   51

When I first start my X session I am able to successfully "disable" the
external monitor using xrandr -s 1 and switch to standard 1920x1200

However, after I use suspend2 to hibernate to disk a few times,
subsequent xrandr calls to XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate return with a
Status code of 1, RRSetConfigInvalidConfigTime.  After modifying
libXrandr to print the configTimestamp it shows a number like 664910400.
The man page for Xrandr explains that if the client does not update its
view of the server time, subsequent calls to XRand will fail.  

Is this number, 664190400, reported by configTimestamp truly an invalid
timestamp?  Is there a workaround I can use to force the update even
though the timestamp looks invalid? 



Will Alexander <walexander at gmti.gannett.com>

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