VNC on Xorg?

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Wed Jan 17 08:12:43 PST 2007

Daniel Stone wrote:
> [0]: Honestly, my only objection is that the BSDs have a
>      no-GPL-except-for-gcc-and-friends policy.

Putting on my distributor hat, Solaris has lots of GPL software
already (most notably GNOME), but we'd be uncomfortable with any
license change to Xorg that called into question our ability to
continue shipping closed source binary driver modules for it.
(And I really don't want to rehash the long debate on the GPL
  and that - go read lkml archives if you like having that

The X community has evolved to the point where most code is shared
by choice, not due to GPL forcing of the issue, but certain hardware
vendors are not so enlightened, and we have to respect their NDA's
and licenses that allow us to ship binaries but not sources.

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