How to download Graphics & audio drivers for Linux os

Pavel Troller patrol at
Wed Jan 17 00:18:22 PST 2007

> Hi,
> Recently I have switched over from Windows OS Platform to linux platform. In
> windows if i were insert the installation cd it will install the
> appropriate driver for that OS. But in linux not like that. And in Linux
> there are no drivers present for linux. Can you get rid of this problem.
> Could you guide me how to get / download all the set of drivers for Intel &
> AMD Model Systems. When I searched in google & Intel it suggested your
> website. but when i visited your webpage I am not able to download any
> drivers as there is no link available to download the drivers.
> Please help me out to get rid of this situation.
  as a freshly switched user, you still don't know the most important
differencies between windows and Linux, especially regarding drivers and
other support software.
  Most hardware drivers necessary for Linux are already contained in its basic
building part, called "kernel". In the kernel, you can find drivers for mostly
all the motherboard resources (disk controllers, ser/par ports, keyboard, 
mouse, joystick, USB and other busses...), including basic support for graphics
cards in text mode and in graphics mode (framebuffer console).
  Any major modern Linux distribution can auto-detect your hardware and load
the appropriate driver modules during boot. Power Linux users tend to compile
their own kernels from the source code, which contain just the necessary
drivers, thus fine-tuning the kernel size and performance.
  To use any advanced graphics user environment (KDE, Gnome...), you need to
run a program called Xserver. It is, in very short and not very exact, a kind
of "big graphic driver", allowing to use your graphics card fully. This
Xserver uses its own drivers for various graphic cards (Nvidia, ATI, Matrox...).
However, these "native X drivers" can't obviously support all the card
features (especially 3D acceleration), so to use the card in full, you have to
download a special proprietary driver directly from the video card
manufacturer. Please navigate to your card producer's website and try to
download Linux drivers for your graphics card. You can perfectly operate your
card (in most cases) even with native X drivers, but the card performance will
be limited, because the 3D rendering will be done in software, causing for
example all the modern 3D games being unusably slow.
  I hope that this basic explanation have helped you a bit.
              With regards, Pavel Troller

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