i810/modesetting/xrandr1.2: Where has xrandr --q12 gone?

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Sun Jan 14 05:46:30 PST 2007

Andreas Schildbach wrote:

> As a private replier pointed out, a "VideoRam 65535" declaration after 
> the Driver definition solved the problem.

Actually, I still have a problem.

Although xrandr --version outputs "Server reports RandR version 1.2", I 
cannot use "xrandr --q12" as usually:

$ xrandr --q12
xrandr: output VGA cannot use rotation "normal" reflection "none"

What is this supposed to say? Of course, my display is in no rotation 
and no reflection (and I don't want to change any of those).



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