Low Bandwdith X

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at c3sl.ufpr.br
Sat Jan 13 16:08:22 PST 2007

Hi Drew,

drew einhorn escreveu:
> Before I worry about the the screen size in pixels right,
> I think I really need to get Low Bandwidth X (LBX) running.
> It's a dapper edubuntu box
> libxext6 2:1.0.0-0ubuntu4 is installed
> xdpyinfo say I'm running
> X11R7.1.1
> But doesn't say anything about LBX extensions

LBX is deprecated and comes disabled by default in Xorg 7.1.

You should try ssh or the proprietary NX which has better performance 
and better security issues than LBX.

> On 1/13/07, drew einhorn <drew at technteach.com> wrote:
>> I am using:
>>      gdmflexiserver -n -l
>> to login to remote boxes.  One of them has a low bandwidth connection and
>> I'd like to open a small window to conserve bandwidth.  Haven't found 
>> the right
>> place in the right configuration file to do this.
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>> Drew Einhorn
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> Drew Einhorn

Tiago Vignatti
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