mesa/xorg + wine problems

berek kr992 at
Sat Jan 13 11:57:12 PST 2007


 I have some problems with xorg/mesa when try compile wine , because its 
crashing when i try run game or 3dmark from it . This is doing when i have 
debian unstable with xorg 7.1.1 , and compiled from git : kernel 2.6.20-rc5 , 
glproto , drm , kernel modules from drm and linux-agp-compact , mesa , 
i have direct rendering , i can run celestia (from debian package) , but when 
try compile wine and run something with 3d its crashing 
Its strange because when i was revert all xorg packages and xlibs-mesa-dri to 
debians (nothing compiled by me) then the same wine (who was crashing before) 
is running fine , so problem is in xorg drivers or mesa or some dev packages
I want compile mesa and intel drivers (i have 915gm chipset) to obtain better 
performance , and celestia showing 2x performance more when i have compiled 
(but even not a half from windows) and I want to be able run 3d programs from 
so what have i should more to compile?


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