xorg with sony air shot (wifi)

De Leeuw Guy G.De_Leeuw at eurofer.be
Thu Jan 11 11:40:16 PST 2007

Hello Alan,

Thanks for your answer.
Effectively, it's a proprietary tools :-(
Same to NEC (I call NEC) and ask what about linux and mac.
a lot of new components appear on the market, and each producer work
with only windows.
I completely despite about this situation.

You speak about reverse engineering, it is possible to send to the xorg
foundation  a snapshot  of  the data exchanged  between  the sony and
the windows computer ?


Alan Coopersmith a écrit :
> De Leeuw Guy wrote:
>> Hello
>> We have 3 projectors sony with the air shot technology do you know a
>> way to use them with linux + xorg ? If not, are you planned the
>> support for the air-shot system in a near release of xorg ?
>> thanks in advance
> Never heard of Air Shot before, but from a quick google, it appears to
> use 802.11a/b/g wireless instead of a video cable for connecting the
> projector, which would imply that Sony needs to either provide a driver
> or a network protocol spec in order to use it (unless someone wants to
> try snooping the traffic and reverse engineering it).

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