Xorg 1.1.1 + Mesa 6.5.2 = White screens with i810 driver and beryl/compiz

Kamran Riaz Khan kamran_pro at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 9 02:06:00 PST 2007

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Can't believe it was that after all. I was sure that my previously
> having updated the glproto and rebuilding mesa and xorg was sufficient
> testing but as Roland pointed out just a short while ago, it is not
> surprising that it didn't work.
> Thank you Otto, Roland, Michel and everyone else. I was clearly just
> wrong here and I stand 100% corrected. I've also learned quite a bit
> poking about in all this stuff.
Ok, so this may not be a bug anymore. But I'm still having trouble 
getting things to work. I _just_ pulled xserver and mesa git HEADs. 
Installed glproto with /usr prefix and then compiled mesa, xserver 
(patched with patches in bug 8991), xf86-video-intel and beryl. Beryl 
still gave me flickering splash and a white screen :-( .

Any ideas of what I might be overlooking?

P.S. My Xorg log file is attached.
Kamran Riaz Khan
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