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Eric Anholt eric at
Mon Jan 8 14:49:32 PST 2007

Let's see if evolution doesn't crash this time around.

I'm getting ready to roll the new damageproto release, and keithp
suggested that we rename the protocol text description from "protocol"
to "damageproto.txt".  I like that -- it makes locate(1) happy.  I'd
like to go a step further, though, and standardize on our text protocol
docs being located in $(datadir)/doc/$(PACKAGE)/$(PACKAGE).txt (i.e.
$(prefix)/share/doc/damageproto/damageproto.txt).  This is a change from
the current $(datadir)/doc/Damage/protocol.

What do people think?  If agreed, I'll definitely hit randrproto as well
and get it installing.

Oh, and if anyone has a good way to get renderproto.txt into renderproto
while maintaining history, I'd love to hear.

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