XvMC on savage

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Mon Jan 8 07:03:17 PST 2007


Thanks a lot Alex, I really appreciate your comments on this

> You need that latest savage ddx.  The locking broke on a lot of
> drivers when AIGLX was merged.

This is the one in Xorg, isn't it? I just got myself the git version this 
and will give it a try.

> > BTW. The new version also creates a strange pixel disturbance on the right
> > edge of the screen.
> > More than 1 pixel  and not on every scanline???
> Not sure on this one.  File a bug report and include a picture of the problem.

Forgot to say that this is using XvMC, if it makes a difference, the oridinary 
is OK. Where is the proper place to file a bug report?


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