Xorg 1.1.1 + Mesa 6.5.2 = White screens with i810 driver and beryl/compiz

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sun Jan 7 14:56:58 PST 2007

Emilio Scalise wrote:
> I would like to use: Xorg 1.1.1 + mesa 6.5.2 + i810 1.7.3 + libdrm
> 2.3. What is the compilation order to get it working? Does the
> mentioned patch affects also Xserver 1.1.1?

I think the correct order is libdrm, mesa, xorg, driver.

In order to use Mesa 6.5.2 with Xorg 1.1.1 you need a compatibility
patch for mesa plus patches for xorg too. You'll find both in the fedora

Interesting that you had issues with 6.5.1 final as people have reported
in various bug reports that the problem we are having here wasn't
present in 6.5.1.

I accept it could still be a compilation issue that is at fault, but it
doesn't feel like it... (/me is convinced he's rebuilt everything that's


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