Xorg Developer's Conference, T-34 days, Call for participation

Stuart Kreitman Stuart.Kreitman at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 4 14:47:12 PST 2007

Members! XDevConf is coming up fast, T-34 days!
(Feb 7, 8, 9)

At this time, we have a new location, its in Menlo Park, CA at a very 
cool place:  www.techshop.ws
This place is a super blast, I'm having so much fun there, I can hardly 
stay at home long
enough to sign the divorce papers.

Note that our attendance at TechShop will be a look-but-don't touch 
admission. Some amount of roaming around
will be allowed, and you'll find that people mostly love to talk about 
their projects,
but direct use of the MIG, TIG, and CNC require a checkout and day pass 
to operate. Nevertheless,
we're cooking up a possible Docent-led Making experience to take 
advantage of some of the 2D and 3D
etching/molding appliances. More on this later.

For refreshments, we're going more ala carte: There will be 3 days of 
light breakfast like the best
local bagels/coffee, muffinstuff, and 3 days of non-corporate lunch: 
pizza, burritos,
possibly sushi/chinese food.  The evening crawl will be on University 
Ave in Palo Alto, which has
better bars and restaurants than Mountain View. There's even music/movie 

I'm not providing any bus services, but will help people find each other 
for carpool possibilities.
Note that transportation is primarily Your responsibility, and in CA, 
the car is king.
If you ask for help early enough, I may be able to help, but if you 
procrastinate on this, you'll
be walking a LONG way.

I have underwriting for the space and the meals from my bosses at Sun, 
but would dearly,dearly prefer to get
good strong participation from the Sponsors and potential Sponsors.  
Please contact me about sponsoring
a meal or a beer bash. A cheap way to get your name up in lights, or 
anonymous, your preference.

        TOPICS    TOPICS        TOPICS

So, did I mention that its the new year, and that we don't have a 
critical mass of attendees or content?
I'm setting a date of January 10, and an arbitrary count of 25, for a 
major decision point on this conference.
If the attendee count of 25 is not met, we may decide to scale it back 
(2 days, something like that)

Suggested topic ideas are:

(auto) configuration
VISTA-certified hardware vs Open source drivers.
DisplayPort/HDMI/ VGA/DVI

        RESPOND         RESPOND         RESPOND

I NEED responses from All:

Are you Coming?

Will you be bringing along additional attendees? If you can speak for a 
company, Uni, or other group, please CC and send
along more names.

Do you have topic to present on or lead a discussion on?

OK, I need to start hearing from people. If the group stays at its 
current size, I'm gonna pack everyone into my suburban and
take them skiing.

Stuart K.

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