Transparent Overlays in C?

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Jan 4 12:04:40 PST 2007

Prob meant for the list so just quoting:

Wolfgang Meyerle wrote:
> Hm, my eyes flew over the source code of amarok. As I can see it so far
> amarok makes heavy use of the QT library. As I do not want to include
> Gtk or QT code because I do not see any reason for making things more
> complicated than they should there must be a bare XServer solution.
> I also do not want to make the "Ultimate OSD problem solution".
> The app should be coded just for one aim. Displaying a caller and a
> callers ID+Png file on screen.
> There are only some things I wanna include in my code. Perhaps some
> Png's for the faded in photo of the caller and some Text and rudimentary
> Graphic Drawing Functions (f.example a rounded rectangle or sth like
> that).
> As I'm currently studying XLib i thought about a solution with that
> library.
> Does sb. of you perhaps worked with xlib and can you give me the answer
> if this libarary would fit?
> Next thing is if I create a window with this library the window manager
> seems to put around his border and there must be away to supress that.
> Any solutions?
> Greetings 
> Wolfgang Meyerle
> Informatic Student

I totally see your points there :)

I've not personally used anything quite so low level as xlib (stop
laughing all those people who don't consider xlib low level!!!).

I was just trying to push my own wants on you seeing as I'm unlikely to
find time to do such a project anytime soon :o)

Good luck.

PS I'd be interesting in potentially using your app if it's o/s, so
please let me know how you get on.


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