Global events receiving (keyboard, mouse events, active window change)

Alexander Nemish anemish at
Thu Jan 4 08:55:44 PST 2007

Hi Yong,
Thank you for advise. Of course I've looked at xnee and sven's realization of 
grabbing global keypresses ( The 
problem is that I can't rely on whether there is XRecord on a client machine. 
I can agree to have X11 and XKB as the dependencies. And still there are 
several unanswered questions, like:
1. Also I need to get all top-level windows and their titles. I'm using
XQueryTree(dpy, root_window, ...) and XGetWMName for every child
returned. I'm getting _all_windows and have no idea on which are
2. Have no idea how to receive active window change notification. Any ideas
are welcome.

> Hi, Alex,
> Try XRecord extension. See xnee for reference.
> Regards,
Thank you,

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