Intel i915GM with SDVO CH7021A support?

Will . nodenet at
Wed Jan 3 14:56:23 PST 2007

>Yeah, doing it in the modesetting branch should be much more satisfying.
>Also, in the future, diff -u is greatly preferred to traditional context

Thanks for the tip, I'm a relative newb to linux so I find I'm often at a 
loss to know what the correct way to do things is etc. Guess I was quite 
excited to be able to post something too :)

I did try and cut the diff down a bit so it didn't contain so much 
superfluous code, but there is still plenty in there which can probably be 
thrown out.

I'm happy to try to move the code to the modesetting branch at some point. 
Would you have the time to look at merging/committing the code at some point 
if I did this?

Am I free to do this any way I like, e.g. how to implement the overscan, 
contrast, width settings, how well does it need to work to be useful, how to 
support multiple outputs, etc etc  It'd be quite nice to present some of 
these features in a way that's adjustable within X, but perhaps that isn't 

Presumably it has to be presented in a way which will not affect any 
existing functionality?

I'd like to contribute something but I don't know what model to follow, also 
I do still want support for the features I'm after myself. Perhaps I can get 
listed as a contributor if I do a good job :)

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