intel i810 and XVideo BLITTER/TEXTURE (NOT overlay)

leon zadorin leonleon77 at
Tue Jan 2 21:53:03 PST 2007

Hi all,
just would like to know if there are any intel drivers for X which
would support Xvideo blitter/texture adaptors. I know that extisting
driver(s) support(s) overlay adaptor but it is not suitable for my
project (i need flexible multi-window display of different video
streams... but with overlay the only practically sane way is to show
only 1 screen at a time per whole system... yes i've considered having
1 large window with subsections displaying different video streams but
such approach is not flexible enough... [e.g. windows need to be
moved/arranged/sized independently of each other and may overlap) what
i need is blitter or texture xv adaptor like in nvidia drivers (e.g.
as per xvinfo output)... is there such a thing for intel
cards/drivers? (any chipset for the time being will do as search on
the net did not find any info on the subject regardless of a
particular chipset)...

regards leon.

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