minimal X how to ?

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Tue Jan 2 14:43:33 PST 2007

On 03/01/2007, at 24:55 , Puneet Goel wrote:
> I need to compile X for my CD image. I want to keep X to the  
> minimal with no eye candy and without unnecessary components/ 
> drivers. Is there any list of basic components which i need to  
> include for minimal X. I have downloaded X fom git.
> or if anyone can tell me about what are the bare minimal components  
> i need to build for a working X. I can keep IceWM or any other  
> light frontend as my window manager.
> any hints ??

X itself is pretty  much no eyecandy anyway, all the funky stuff is  
done by window managers and the like.

if you really need to disable stuff, start browsing through the util/ 
modular/ script and disable things one-by-one. Skip the apps  
directory, disable some drivers, maybe even some fonts.
For the x server, just run a configure --help and it will list a few  
modules that you can disable (eg dmx)


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