Intel i915GM with SDVO CH7021A support?

Torgeir Veimo torgeir at
Tue Jan 2 06:18:14 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 13:46 +0000, will wrote:
> Field parity is a problem (as you mentioned), afaik it's only
> supported
> properly in a few dedicated solutions, perhaps the matrox specific
> code for
> example. I'm not sure whether ...

I was hoping any support could be ported to directfb at a later stage,
since it has the necessary api in place to support field parity. 

> > Have you got any guess at how hard it would be to add
> > s-video support at a later stage?
> I think it would be a case of trial and error as the BIOS seemed to
> revert
> back to composite even if booted under S-Video.

So composite works then?

Torgeir Veimo <torgeir at>

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