Intel i915GM with SDVO CH7021A support?

will nodenet at
Tue Jan 2 01:56:00 PST 2007


I had a few days over xmas to have a look at this and managed to make some
progress. I've got it working in the old driver (don't have a good excuse
for not grabbing the new one sorry!), overscan gave me a bit of a headache
but I got there in the end. I've managed to find most of the basic ports for
changing settings, there are a few grey areas but I've gone as far as the
time allowed. 

I've modded the BIOS tracing "hack" that Dave posted, it was very useful.
I've written a converter that goes from the GMBUS protocol (such as my BIOS
uses them) to code that works with the bit banging routines in the i810
driver. It also decodes the names of the SDVO op-codes such as they were in
the header files I currently have. If this is useful to anyone let me know
and I'll post a diff or something. More to the point I have a multitude of
log files, I can post these if useful also.

Let me know if you'd like to progress this any further, I can post code if
it's useful, details of ports I've found and any other notes I may have (if
I can remember what they are!). Now I'm back after the xmas break my time is
probably going to be very limited but I'll try my best to sort something
out. Btw is the PLL coding for i915 fixed in the mode setting i810 branch?

Will Wiseman

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