How to change '75x75 dots per inch'

Josh Triplett josh at
Tue Jan 2 01:39:44 PST 2007

Leo wrote:
> * Jay R. Ashworth (2006-12-29 10:13 -0500) said:
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> On Fri, Dec 29, 2006 at 06:44:51AM +0000, Leo wrote:
>>> I am using intel driver and my xorg.conf is attached. The output of
>>> "xdpyinfo|grep resolution" is
>>> ,----
>>> |   resolution:    75x75 dots per inch
>>> `----
>>> This doesn't cause any problem in Gnome since it auto-adjusts the
>>> resolution to 96x96 dots per inch but in other WMs the fontsize is
>>> weird. How can I set the resolution to 96x96 dots per inch for all
>>> WMs?
>> I suspect your problem may be Display Size in your xorg.conf; check 
> That's a very good doc. Thanks.
> But I am looking for something without tweaking xorg.conf because it
> will be gone in future releases. Any ideas?

You can certainly continue to use xorg.conf for now.

The ability to avoid using xorg.conf just means that autodetection gets
better; in particular, if your display can tell you its size, and the driver
knows how to ask, Xorg can use that.  With the intel driver, you may need to
use the new modesetting branch in order for the autodetection to work

- Josh Triplett

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