Display Corruption with ATI radeon 8500

Juho-Mikko Pellinen jpelline at lut.fi
Mon Jan 1 22:49:00 PST 2007

Hi! Caio

I used to have Radeon 8500LE which previous owner had overclocked and 
"upgraded" the card with 8500-bios. When I bought the card, I restored 
original clocks to gain stability and lessen heat production and things 
were ok for about one year.
After that I began to get display-erros like your screenshot shows. In 
console (text mode) I also began to get red blocks randomly around 
screen and in 3D-games the textures got pink spots etc.

Display drivers didn't have any clue of what was happening, so that must 
have been hardware-side (maybe memory or DAC) glitch.

My suggestion is to get a new cheap card to replace that broken one.

I got errors in both Windows and Linux at that time.


Caio Boiteux kirjoitti:
> Hello Roland
>> Caio Boiteux wrote:
>>> Hi I'm having a very strange display corruption issue that i cant
>>> seem to pin point. sometime without an aparent cause the display gets
>>> all garbled with some black lines that divide the screen in small
>>> blocks (see attached picture)
>>> can anyone help me pinpoint it so i can report it in the bug database
>>> ?
>> What do you mean without apparent cause? Are you just staring at the
>> screen and suddenly it gets garbled, does this happen on server startup 
>> already, or only if you use 3d apps etc.
> yes its exactly how it happens, one minute i'm  reading the wikipedia 
> (or simply staring ate the screen) the next minute its garbled. It
> never happens at server startup and i dont know if it happens in
> 3d apps since i dont use 3d (cant enable dri thanks to unsuported agp)
> when the screen is corrupted, any XV movie that i put (via mplayer) show 
> corrupted also and if i switch to the console (vt0) and back
> both are corrupted.
> my console is a radeon fb set at the same resolution i use in X 
> (1600x1200-85)
> when this happend the first time, i even tought of hardware problem
> but a simple shutdown -r now
> clear all display corruption, so i sort of ruled out a problem in the card 
> (the card is also visualy ok )
> that left me stuck :)
> will try your tips and see if the corruption goes away
> this machine has 3Gb of memory, can it have anything to do with it ?
> thanks a lot
> 	Caio Boiteux
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