kdrive neomagic driver is GPL licensed?

mcnichol at austin.ibm.com mcnichol at austin.ibm.com
Mon Apr 30 15:18:16 PDT 2007

> From: Daniel Drake <ddrake at brontes3d.com>
> Hi,
> While looking through the xserver licensing conditions, I found two
> GPL-licensed files:
> hw/kdrive/neomagic/backend.c
> hw/kdrive/neomagic/backend.h
> Is this known? Is it valid to have GPL sources inside the X server
> distribution?

I reported this a while back, but haven't seen any response.

See https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9629

Other possible problems listed in bugs 9748, 10065.

Also, some of the old I2C code looks like it could have
been lifted from the Linux kernel.


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