X.Org Mailing List Consolidation

Egbert Eich eich at freedesktop.org
Fri Apr 27 12:06:43 PDT 2007

Just happen to stumble over this ...

X.Org has several mailing lists that are not really in use any more 
while they still allow posting and subscription.
This begs the question if it's not possible to disable subscription
to these lists by removing the subscription page while still keeping 
the archives around. Also postings should no longer be accepted instead
posters should be kindly asked to turn to xorg@ for technical discussions.

There seems to be a consensus that the majority of technical
discussions should take place on xorg at freedesktop.org while 
most special purpose mailing lists have not gained much 
A second group includes mailing lists that were established for
specific events which are now over.

Looking at lists.x.org I came accross the following ones:
xorg-arch@ : architecture discussions, point people to xorg@ instead: 
xorg-driver-ati@: presently the only active special purpose mailing list KEEP
xorg-europe@: For discussion of European events: low volume, would like to KEEP
xorg-fosdem@ : announcement list for X.Org at FOSDEM 2006: DEPRECATE
xorg-mentors@ : 6 postings in 2006. People did not receive answers different
	      from: go to xorg@: DEPRECATE (?)
xorg-modular@ : Former modularization list: DEPRECATE
xorg-team@ : bugzilla notifications go here - no idea why archive is only
	   visible to subscribers. KEEP
Fosdem-org@ : special purpose list to organize X.Org at FOSDEM 2006: DEPRECATE
xorg-test@: list of the testing working group: low volume but group is still
	    active. KEEP
xorg-test-commit@: commit messages to xorg-test cvs go here. KEEP

On freedesktop there is:
linuxtag-meeting@: For EXDC on LinuxTag 2005: DEPRECATE
x-packagers@: no traffic but some misguided messages: DEPRECATE (?)
xcb@: active: KEEP
xdevconf@: for announcements for conferences in the US, not used since
	   2005. DEPRECATE
xevie@: Discussion list on the xevie extension, few postings, only questions
	no answers. Defer people to xorg@ DEPRECATE
xlibs-commit@: used for xkeyboard-config commits. KEEP
xorg@: this list. KEEP
xorg-announce@: for xorg release announcements: KEEP
xorg-bugzilla-noise@: DEPRECATE
xorg-commit@: commit messages for xorg: KEEP
xorg-commit-diffs@: was used to send the full diffs from CVS. Today those
		   are sent to xorg-commit anyway. DEPRECATE
xserver-commit@: commit messages to the separate xserver tree.	
		 no postings since February 2005. DEPRECATE.

Again, I'd like to suggest to remove the subscription page
to those lists while keeping the archives around (thru a link 
from the mailing list page) if possible.
Oddly it is not possible to the list administrator interface,
but maybe the main mailman interface offers this.


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