Fwd: xf86-video-intel in ubuntu feisty (needed dependencies)

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Fri Apr 27 09:29:44 PDT 2007

stefan wrote:

> The packages from Ross work pretty well for me (intel driver, dual
> screen, GL/compositing not needed/tested)
> http://burtonini.com/debian/feisty/

They work very well for me, too. Just add

deb http://www.burtonini.com/debian/ feisty/
deb-src http://www.burtonini.com/debian/ feisty/

to your /etc/apt/sources.list and run

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

(don't know how to do apt-pinning, since the repository is called 
"feisty" like the officials, but at least currently pinning is not needed)

Does anyone know how I can configure my internal notebook display to be 
the primary output? Currently, my external monitor (which is much 
larger) has priority.

Also, there does not seem to be a composite extension, hence no Desktop 
Effects. Is there any cure for this? Well, not that important - dualhead 
is much more important...

Anyway, thanks for this convenient repository!



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