Fwd: xf86-video-intel in ubuntu feisty (needed dependencies)

Javier Ruiz Hidalgo jrhbcn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 06:08:49 PDT 2007


I finally download and installed Ross packages and they install
perfectly on my feisty machine (had to remove
xserver-xorg-video-v4l,xserver-xorg-video-all because some conflicts
but all three xserver 1.3, intel driver 2.0 and xrandr 1.2 installed
flawlessly, thanks!!!!!

Biggest problem so far is when changing between my external LCD
monitor and my laptop one using the new xrandr (using something like
'xrandr --output VGA mode 1280x1024 --output LVDS --off'). Doing so
changes correctly the screen (yeah!) but it randomly kills the
programs running (such as firefox, terminal, etc.) :-(

Anyone with this problem? I don't know if it's the xserver fault or
maybe metacity or something in my xorg config, anyone with similar
problems? I might try later to see if I can check any logs for

other than that, if I don't change resolution everything seems to work
alright, I can not get dri working and glxinfo reports sofware
rendering though ...

On 4/27/07, stefan <deubeulyou at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/27/07, Andreas Schildbach <andreas at schildbach.de> wrote:
> >
> > Ross or Tomasz, could you give us a pointer to an apt repository or a
> > download of those packages? Is it true that they install under regular
> > Feisty without any hacks?
> The packages from Ross work pretty well for me (intel driver, dual
> screen, GL/compositing not needed/tested)
> http://burtonini.com/debian/feisty/
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