Display size doesn't work correctly with i810 driver

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Apr 27 02:17:30 PDT 2007

Gerhard Mourani wrote:
> Xorg = X Window System Version (1.3.0 RC 5)
> Kernel =
> i810 = compiled for, module version = 1.6.5
> Second screen = Samsung SyncMaster 941bw

> I'm using a Dell laptop Inspiron 6000 having Intel 915GL chipset (i810)
> for the graphical card and was unable to get resolution size of
> 1920x1200 pixels set correctly. I'm also using the 915resolution program
> to set the resolution at boot time and it's work
> (/usr/sbin/915resolution 5c 1920 1200
> ) so I presume that the problem come form Xorg and the i810 driver. Here
> what's happening:

The versions you are using are a little out of date now. The i810 (now
called intel FYI) is now 2.0 final and the xserver is also now 1.3 final.

915resolution is not needed with this 2.0 series of intel driver.

You may want to try updating to these versions and disable 915res and
try again. Not saying it will help but at least you'll be giving it the
best chance ;)


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