[PATCH 18/265] ANSI-fied libX11

Magnus Kessler Magnus.Kessler at gmx.net
Thu Apr 26 12:52:30 PDT 2007

diff --git a/src/ChWindow.c b/src/ChWindow.c
index a403d76..2eec660 100644
--- a/src/ChWindow.c
+++ b/src/ChWindow.c
@@ -32,10 +32,11 @@ in this Software without prior written authorization 
from The Open Group.
 #include "Xlibint.h"
-XResizeWindow(dpy, w, width, height)
-register Display *dpy;
-Window w;
-unsigned int width, height;
+    register Display *dpy,
+    Window w,
+    unsigned int width,
+    unsigned int height)
     register xConfigureWindowReq *req;

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