really annoying problem when using a compositor

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Apr 26 00:49:13 PDT 2007

> Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes <cerdiogenes at> wrote:
>> I have a Ubuntu 7.04 installed and I'm running Beryl in it with the
>> i810 driver in a i915 chipset of a Dell Latitude D510.

Samuel Verstraete wrote:
> Afaik it is a problem of the NVIDIA driver

That would be an impressively far reaching bug :p

I can confirm something similar on xserver 1.3 + intel 2.0 driver. I
would have assumed it was a firefox bug rather than a composition bug,
but hey. I've not tried it without one. It could be how FF is
interacting with the damage system, but I'm not sure.


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