blurry image on Intel graphics through an add-on DVI card

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at
Tue Apr 24 07:22:23 PDT 2007

Lintula wrote:
> We are having an unexpected problem with add-on DVI cards to Lenovo M55
> model 8808-97G and 8811-92G workstations. While they do work in the
> sense of displaying graphics, the result is unsatisfactory due to
> looking blurred. In fact the graphics are much sharper when brought
> through the integrated VGA connector!

I had this problem with an HP DC7700 and ADD2 DVI cards, when I used the 
"i810" driver in xorg.conf.

Changing the driver to "intel" resolved the issues 100%. (I was using 
Fedora 7 Test 3, I'm not sure if the "intel" driver is packaged for 
earlier FC or RHEL versions.) Anyway, you need the "modesetting" intel 

- Mike

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