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Tue Apr 24 01:41:44 PDT 2007


I'm working on a FPGA based VGA controller, and I would like to develop the X
drivers to get it working with Xorg. I was trying to find documentation on
driver development, but I can't find nothing very interesting. Could you please
point me to some links on X driver development, and on the difference between
the kernel drivers and the X drivers ?
I would also like to develop a basic 2D graphic acceleration. I was thinking to
use Kaa more than Exa because the epson 13806 driver is based on it, and that's
the chip I'm trying to replace. This driver is also quite simple. What do you
think about it ? Where could I find some documentation about Kaa ?
: a very interesting document, but no developers documentation)

Thanks a lot

Mickaël Giroud

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