[RFC] Input design

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at who-t.net
Sun Apr 22 17:10:09 PDT 2007

On 21/04/2007, at 09:16 , Daniel Stone wrote:
> 3) Server adds all input devices in the absence of a client, is the
> killer feature here.  I don't really want to have to run a full config
> client on the N800, and I'm pretty sure quite a number of others don't
> want to, either.

I'm not sure whether I agree with this. You don't want to run "a full  
config client", yet you're happy to have basically the same code in  
the server, where it is harder to change and harder to fix.  
Admittedly, the client has more security implications, but the device  
detection code is basically the same.

Most users probably run things like GNOME, KDE and the like. They  
probably wouldn't even know that there is some input hotplugging  
going on at login. All they care about is that the devices work.
The few users that need the server to autoconfigure can still use a  
very simple client. Even respeclaration did the job.

Don't get me wrong, I think letting the server autodetect devices is  
a good thing. But if the justification is that you don't want to run  
a client, I think that's a bad excuse. And if autodetection proves  
too hard to do in a sane matter, offloading it to a client may be the  
best thing to do.


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