About Xlib' s XLC_LOCAL file of UTF-8 locale -support "load_option" or "on_demand_loading"

Xue Wei Wei.Xue at Sun.COM
Sun Apr 22 08:46:23 PDT 2007


I have download libX11 of X11R7.2,  I install this Xlib in Solaris . 
When I set locale as zh_TW.UTF-8, the application "xterm" cannot launch because
of missing fontset. So, in file /usr/local/share/X11/locale/zh_TW.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE, 
I change "on_demand_loading" value to False, after this modified "xterm" can launch.

For using Solaris xlib , application "xterm" can lauch correctly. In Solaris locale 
file /usr/openwin/.../locale/zh_TW.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE, there is not "on_demand_loading"
entry, but there have entry "load_option" which not included in Xorg xlib file XLC_LOCALE.

I have noticed that in Xorg version R6.6, in some fontset classe of UTF-8 loclae 
file XLC_LOCALE, "load_option" was used.(Actually in Xlib source R6.6, no action to 
"load_option" but had action to "on_demand_loading" which was not included in file XLC_LOCALE) .

In newer version,  XLC_LOCALE file was updated: delete  "load_option" entry, and add
"on_demand_loading True" entry. It's said "merge XFree86 " by log message. 
Here is diff file: 


Would you tell me 
1>why Xorg do this change for XLC_LOCALE file?
2>For xlib R6.6 XLC_LOCALE file or Solaris XLC_LOCALE file  which using "load_option" in some
fontset class,  there no action for it. Is this means that "load_option" entry is meaningless?

Thanks & Regards
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