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Michel Dänzer wrote:
>> What is the recommended value there (128 MB VRAM in this machine) and is
>> it different depending on if you are using a GLX compositing manager or
>> not? I have it set at 100, which is either really bad or really good, I
>> suspect... :P
> It means all offscreen memory is reserved for GL textures and none for
> EXA. That's bad in this case, as the purpose of my patches is to point
> the 3D driver to EXA offscreen memory directly (instead of reading the
> pixels from the pixmap, passing them to glTexSubImage, which results in
> the 3D driver  re-uploading the whole texture to the GL portion of
> offscreen memory after a couple of copies). 20 seems a good value for my
> workload on the same machine, YMMV. (Note that the r300 3D driver won't
> work correctly with 0).

This is strange, with "FBTexPercent" at 20 performance both with and
without Compiz is markedly *worse*, which indicates to me that I have
not applied your patches correctly or built the packages correctly. I am
now starting afresh with new copies of xorg-server, mesa, and
xf86-video-ati from the Debian source repositories.

There are a number of rejects in the patches when applied to the latest
releases of these packages, should this affect anything or should I be
building from git?

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