Audio Skips when Scrolling in Firefox

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Fri Apr 20 10:10:36 PDT 2007

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Michel Dänzer wrote:
>> Strictly relevant to this list, however, is that a good portion (2nd on
>> the list) of the CPU's time while scrolling in Fx is spent in
>> in glxFillAlphaChannel.
> That means my patches aren't fully effective, as that function is only
> called in the !override case. You are using EXA and making sure it has
> enough offscreen memory available, aren't you?

I am using EXA. I'm assuming at least in the case of the radeon driver
the way to specify the offscreen memory amount is using the
"FBTexPercent" option?

What is the recommended value there (128 MB VRAM in this machine) and is
it different depending on if you are using a GLX compositing manager or
not? I have it set at 100, which is either really bad or really good, I
suspect... :P

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