Audio Skips when Scrolling in Firefox

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(oops, resending because I didn't realize how large the log file was. It
is sure to be rejected by the list, so here is a copy with a gzipped
attachment. Sorry for the noise.)

Dave Airlie wrote:
>> Bah, scrolling in Firefox + Compiz still makes music skip (whereas it
>> does not in Metacity), but with the aiglx-zero-copy-tfp patches
>> performance is much improved, notably using the 'scale' (like Apple
>> Expose) or alt+tab functionality doesn't cause flickering, where it did
>> before.
>> I'm getting there, any suggestions as to what to do about the skipping
>> or is this even relevant to I should take this problem
>> elsewhere (e.g. debian-powerpc)?
> You could profile the system while scrolling and tell us what is
> taking up all the CPU time..

This is interesting (see attached). libc6 seems to be eating the lion's
share of CPU time, I wonder if there are glibc 2.5 issues with ppc. That
would touch almost everything and explain a lot of issues I've seen.
Strictly relevant to this list, however, is that a good portion (2nd on
the list) of the CPU's time while scrolling in Fx is spent in
in glxFillAlphaChannel.

(I didn't follow your directions strictly, because I saw that the kernel
was at the top of the list and I was curious as to where in the kernel
this time was being spent.)

Hope this enlightens someone as to what could possibly be going on...


> Dave.

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