[RFC] Input design

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at who-t.net
Thu Apr 19 18:58:03 PDT 2007

So we obviously have two types of users to worry about:

  1) don't care users
	should only get the devices that are known to the system.
	if HAL is the best way to get those, that's fine with me.
	how is the situation on other platforms though?
	(I know you provided some answer for this on irc but irc isn't  

  2) special setup users
	should be able to override anything in the config file.
	fixed device list is easy, maybe a regex or an option to completely  
free it up would be good too.
	Something like:
	Section "ServerLayout"
		Option "AllowArbitraryDevices" "YesIReallyWantToDoThis"
		Option "EnableDevicePath" "/home/whot/fakedev*"

which basically means we agree on what you posted.


Multi-Pointer X Server

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