More feedback from Intel RC: EXA crashes fixed

Daniel Kasak dkasak at
Thu Apr 19 16:08:07 PDT 2007

I've done some more testing of the latest git sources of the Intel 
driver with our I845G graphics chips.

EXA now works without crashing in all my testing :) Great work.

Things which previously didn't work:

- opening many applications, including gecko-based things
- running xcompmgr
- switching Enlightenment-0.17 to the XRENDER backend

All of these things now work. Unfortunately they all run slower ( 
considerably ) than XAA. In particular, E17 animations ( eg animated 
backgrounds ) drop frames far more than with the software engine. In 
previous testing on an r200 card with EXA ( just before the modular X 
release ), I was getting 2 - 3 times *better* performance doing the same 
testing with EXA & XRENDER vs XAA & software.

Anyway, as usual ... not complaining ... just reporting :)

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