AW: Intel GMA 950 driving 1920x1080 over DVI?

billyx at billyx at
Thu Apr 19 14:14:17 PDT 2007


> So I was hoping for a definitive answer here. Does anyone 
> know for certain if the DVI port on the MSI 945GT will be 
> able to output at 1920x1080? 

I can definitly say that a intel coro duo MacMini with i945gm and dvi is
working at 1080p with the 
Modeline "1920x1080" 148.5 1920 1960 2016 2200 1080 1082 1088 1125 -hsync
as I wrote in my mail "MacMini with 1080p is working"

But there are a lot of bugs in xorg-server so you have to do some hacks in
sources and compile them yourself.

Bernhard Mähr 

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