MS Windows Embedded, Qt/Embedded... Xorg/Embedded?

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Thu Apr 19 07:32:48 PDT 2007

>"Xorg/Embedded would be the kdrive server, surely.."

yes, sorry, i should have mentioned that i want it to be 3D, Compiz-like, built on OpenGL and fit in 2MB (kernel, drivers, system, apps.. everything)

* is there a way to get OpenGL working with kdrive? even if only software (without HW acceleration)
* how much space would kdrive with such drivers take?

actually, you've given me idea that i should have tried before - to run kdrive with scitech drivers

SciTech drivers are GPL... and LPGL apparently!


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  On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 01:34 +1200, ZeAtShuttle wrote:
  > hi,
  > MS Windows Embedded, Qt/Embedded... Xorg/Embedded?
  > is there open source project for something like this?
  > if not, who do i talk to for starting such project and making it
  > accesible for public to contribute, start mailing list and stuff like
  > that?

  Xorg/Embedded would be the kdrive server, surely.  If you want more than
  that, say a toolkit, configuration storage, etc,  you are not talking
  about Xorg any more.

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