Radeon X300, radeonfb, dual head

Hans-Jürgen Koch hjk at linutronix.de
Thu Apr 19 01:44:06 PDT 2007

Am Donnerstag, 19. April 2007 10:15 schrieb Wanda:
> Hello,
> i had the same issue about fifo timeout. You certainly get very random
> refresh of the screen too if you activate dri. That is not a Xorg bug
> but rather a radeonfb one. It comes from radeonfb_accel.c, if i remember
> well. Just try and read the patch i send to the list (thread "radeonfb
> doesn't work with an ati X800 pcie", file: radeon_accel.c.2.6.20.diff) 
> Also, you will certainly need all the xxx.c.2.6.20.diff as well. You
> will find them in the april archive. If that doesn't help you try luca's
> one + aty.patch (same thread) In that case you are integrated a bunch of
> xorg code in radeonfb :). Luca's patch isn't compatible with mine except
> when applyed with aty.patch. I need it for my card, otherwise it doesn't
> work. But it could be incompatible with your card. Luca's patch still
> generates 2 *.rej file. You can install them manually and very easily by
> reading the rej file.
> If nothing works for you , you have certainly a legacy instead an atom
> bios. In that case most of the patches won't help you. But keep trying.
> I get finally my x800  working with them. xorg and radeonfb work now
> together without a problem. Indeed, i don't have black screens or screen
> corruptions any more ;)

thanks for your hints. But at the moment, I'd be lucky if I could get xorg
working with dual head even without radeonfb. It would be nice if I could
have a framebuffer console, though. Is one of these patches about to get
in mainline? I (have to) work with new kernels all the time, so it would 
be quite inconvenient if I had to apply (and maintain) an out-of-tree
patch every time I compile a new kernel.

If one of these patches looks acceptable for the fb-devel folks, I'm
willing to review, test, and submit updated patches if it works.


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