generating ChangeLog with "make distcheck" ?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Wed Apr 18 07:35:01 PDT 2007

I did a "make distcheck" in app/xconsole and received:

GIT_DIR=../.git git-log --name-only > ChangeLog
fatal: Not a git repository: '../.git'
*** Error code 128

make: stopped in /opt/xorg-src-git/app/xconsole/xconsole-1.0.3/_build
*** Error code 1

How to reference real source that has .git instead of the distcheck copy?

Or do we have a correct macro or target for generating ChangeLog that 
should consistently be used?

Note that the ChangeLog in the distcheck generated tarball is correct (as 
this target is done twice). So maybe another workaround would be to not do 
this target again. How?

  Jeremy C. Reed

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