Khronos group, OpenGL ES/miniglx/EGL?

Roland Scheidegger sroland at
Wed Apr 18 04:05:28 PDT 2007

ZeAtShuttle wrote:
>> 2.) is OpenGL ES just a specification or are there some drivers for
>>  some hardware, some ATI mobilty chipsets maybe or whatever GPU so
>> it can be used on PC?
> |Yep, most likely all the opengl es chip manufacturers provide a
> driver |aswell, I don't know any better than that though.
> thanks, just to clear it up a bit,
> - is there special kind of GPU that is "OpenGL ES" certified or
> whatever?
Some chips for embedded market may tell you if they support OpenGL ES
and if so what version (for instance imageon 2300 lists OpenGL ES 1.0
compatibility in the marketing material).

> - if yes, which graphic cards are "OpenGL ES", and are there any AGP,
>  PCI-E or other that i can stick in PC or laptop?
I rather doubt anyone has a OpenGL ES driver for such "big" chips.

> -or maybe this "OpenGL ES" GPUs are 'too small' for that or maybe
> they only come integrated with other hardware in those mini-devices?
> is OpenGL ES exclusively for other(smaller) hardware, not PC?
As Lars already told you, OpenGL ES doesn't really make sense for
"normal" PC.

> -are there maybe some special OpenGL ES drivers for some of my
> geforce and radeon cards i have in PC or laptop?
No. Basically, OpenGL ES is a subset of OpenGL - throws out all things
rarely used to make the driver smaller/faster (for instance, color index
mode), as well as some features which are used often but require a lot
of code to implement (such as immediate mode, display lists). Read the
spec ( to see what's different to OpenGL.


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